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Colin Andrews - finally the Truth about real Crop Circles comes out !

Colin Andrews is on a mission people to reveal the truth about crop circles!

Colin, also known as the' grandfather' of the modern phenomenon known as 'crop circles', has been the worldwide authority on them since starting his pioneering research on them back in the early eighties. Infact, it was colin who first coined the term 'crop circles to describe simple circles he was researching in the late 80's. His new website is going full steam now to reveal the truth about crop circles and the length the UK government has gone to cover them up. 

Also just to clear this up ... many people are confused about crop circles - most people think they are made by bored people in the fields with too much time on their hands, but this is simply not true. From Colins research about 20% of all crop circles are the genuine phenomenon - ie the 'real thing' and his research has enabled people to easily identify the real from the man made circles. (read more - the science behind real crop circles)

On A serious Note - Lets hope that Colins Whistleblowing gets the attention of the public as there is alot at stake here for him coming out like this ... we often see in the Ufo community when promimnent researchers or those 'in the know' get old they quickly realise they have to get this vital informtation out asap - so lets pay attention people to what he has to say..

Here a a few extracts from his new feature posts on his site where he is slowly exposing the real truth about Crop circles in the UK:

Feature 1..
"What happened to crop circle researchers Pat Delgado and Colin Andrews at Cheesefoot Head, England in 1989 reached the highest levels of the British Government - after 20 years the story is told. 

“Since that day the question has not been was the circle real v man-made but what on earth was behind the events that took place inside it”. – Colin Andrews

Another interesting Feature... The- Government ‘D’ Notice:

A British Government D notice (according to Pope, no longer in use today – I will come back to this) was/is a military directive to stop publications and radio or television transmissions on grounds of national security concerns.  Several years after Operation Blackbird I learned from a well known radio and television presenter Dave Barrett that such a notice had been issued during live transmissions from Operation Blackbird. At the time Dave Barrett was with GWR radio based in Swindon, Wiltshire.  

Dave Barrett was back in the studio as the GWR outside broadcast vehicle (left) attempted to transmit' live' from Blackbird when he received the D notice to stop. The notice was received as four military training aircraft were flying at low level directly over the heads of Pat Delgado and I as we were entering the center of the newly discovered crop circle which had occurred on the edge of the surveillance parameters. In the center of the circle we found an advanced Astrology board and concluded that somehow we had been tricked. Many people insist there was more going on here than we knew, including the soldiers who attended the site.

When I met Dave Barrett several years later at a conference in Bristol, England he said:  “I have for so long wanted to ask you what really went on there that day for the government to take such drastic action.”  

I strongly recommend you spend some time on this important page of his site to sift through the complete evidence supporting the case of real crop circles and come to  your own judgment.

Photographs taken by the Ministry of Defence at A&AEE - top secret experimental airbase at Boscombe Down, Wiltshire, England. (Read more and photo source references here)

Read more and photo source references here
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20% are genuine no need to get excited or have boner then...

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