Friday, October 02, 2009

Web bot predictions for 2010 - new update

I am shocked at how many people want to know more about the web bots!

So here's an update on the popular web bot predictions...
If you forgot what they are the web bots apply the statistical means (similar to stock market trend forecasting) to predict future human events by analysing thousands of keywords trends from the Internet to detect the collective human unconscious..

I just went over the new summary reports here on Halfpast human for the webbot predictions from August 22 2009 through to November, 2010 going onwards to 2011.

The reports are hard to interpret.. here's my summary and commentary on the points i've read so far:
- a major acceleration of chem trail testing is being done by our governments (to experiment in weather manipulation due to global warming?)
- Iran nuclear issue is very serious with a war an inevitable result
- The powers that Be (governments, mass media ) slowly start to fail in their grasp control over the public mindset, more people become self aware & thus rebel. (maybe due to mainstream use of the internet and sites like facebook & twitter to quickly mobilise people for protests & rallys?)
- significant stock market problems re-emerge at end of October 2009 (from 25th onwards)
- global famine at end of 2010
- the first low level countries go under water at end of 2010
- large underground facility becomes unexpectedly flooded due to global warming & cause a major problem for some government (like those tunnels near low-lying Shanghai used by the Chinese military?)
- A change in the balance of global powers (like china for example - after its 60th celebration of communism today - its Military has been modernised & some say it now rivals the dominance of the US military?)

Also Cliff High creator of the web bots give us an update on the predictions going into 2010 and through to 2012 with his most recent interview with One radio Network - 29th September 2009

Don't know about them? - See How the web bots work
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Chris Drynan said...

snooooooze... Will someone please do a "wrap-up" 1 year after each of these hysterical prophecies and show how moronic it is to believe in this garbage?

markymint said...

Web bots = hype like Oct 14th and July 7th... Crock-o-shit if you ask me. And unfortunately there's a never-ending plethora of disinformation being spread by the web bot fans. What a load of shit. I'll see it to believe it, like I should've done the last 200 things the web-bots *didn't* correctly predict. There probably is some deep math somewhere that perhaps makes certain elements of this possible, but for now it's just bull. There are real alien space-crafts flying about, why should we care what computers are picking up about what the human race's favourite keywords? Crock-o-f------g-s--t if you ask me, which this comment box did! :P Keep up the good work UFO related...but web-bots...BULL! :)

FlyingThroughSpace said...

I found this in the 2009 - 2010 " In South America, they’ll be large or mass sightings of UFO-related phenomena. In the summer of 2010, a video crew will interview an escapee from an internment facility. The young bald man will later be revealed to be a “non-Terran” human." at

Lisa said...

Any Good News??

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