Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Exponential increase in Ufo news volume according to google

After looking at Google news archives - the news volume reports for Ufo sightings seem to be increasing an exponential rate.

While taking into consideration obvious variables like increased population (thus reports),the uptake of the Internet (early 90's), youtube, the influence of popular culture shows like the Xfiles (93-03) and more recent news being added to googles archive than old reports - there is still an undeniable trend line from 60's onwards indicating an unrelenting increase in ufo news volume.

Note - From 2005 onwards you can see a steep increase in reports and i assume this was after the advent of youtube (a pivotal medium for ufo disclosure) in late 2005?.

So where is all this taking us..?.

Its likely the trend reflects a change in the public mindset when it comes to Ufos - whereby the media are more likely to publish reports because the public has become more interested in the topic over time. Ultimately the point will come when the Ufo topic reaches 'mass momentum' and public will be able to hopefully tolerate eventual disclosure.

Would like to hear your comments on this .. do you agree Ufo reports are on the increase every year?

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Sonam said...

I don't think the number of UFO-report is so important anymore. How many UFO reports do we need? 1000 or 10.000? Our leaders should tell us the truth about the existance of aliens, their contacts, their deals and their agenda, so we at least get the chance to try living with the facts.I don't think this will happen within 50 years or so. Meanwhile we go on gathering UFO reports, watch video's etc. That's what I believe, and still, I check this site four times a day and I'm always hoping for the BREAKING NEWS.

James said...

Has anyone considered the "pet mouse" phenomenon? To me - with all the assorted, unreproducible in one night various sightings, it would almost seem as if they're playing with us, as if we were children - "watch what they do when we do this..." We just keep chasing the colored balloons

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