Friday, January 28, 2011

Shift in the media ? - getting us to question the Existence of Alien Life

Just to show you the emerging shift towards acceptance of alien of life and how the media is slowly preparing us for this new paradigm

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Anonymous said...

its about fuckin time too,its quite ovious they exist i ve seen 3 Ufo's over the last yr myself

Anonymous said...

oh bullucks! they already know which planets have life, and have probably been there, too.

and make the pretty lady tell us bloody everything. you think bc she's pretty we're going to believe that tosser? meh.

M C Walton said...

With all due respect, there have been stories of the media preparing us for acceptance of alien life for about 30 years now...

Anonymous said...

With all due respect to you Guys, whom know a good deal about ET.-UFO
I think the "News Media" is mindful
of thoughs who, do not!!
The people whom know nothing at ALL
about what is going on! A slow build up,is good for us all! to give time for thoughs, who don't know, time to think, & realize!?
So can we hope the News Media,gets it right!.....?

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