Friday, January 28, 2011

Ufo captured over innsbruck Austria - 18th Jan 2011

Your probably gonna hear about this so here it is - some amazing software came out called Ispy that records Ufos and anything moving from webcams pointed up at the sky and uploads them automatically. I recommend if you have a webcam and can leave your computer on all night to try the software out. The more people that use it the more strange stuff gets filmed.
Like this footage filmed over innsbruck Austria - 18th Jan 2011 - what was that bright blue light?
Anyone in Austria also spot this? if so please reply to this post.
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Anonymous said...

that was interesting.

Anonymous said...

I wonder if you install this software, if you accidentally leave your laptop with it's built-in webcam pointed at your naked body as you exit the shower, it'll photograph you and automatically upload it (to a Federal fuse center datacenter where it'll be used as blackmail material once you become a popular revolutionary, the tip of the spear in battling tyrrany and opression.)

...Just a thought. :)

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