Friday, January 28, 2011

Flood of Ufo reports from Canada - Toronto Victoria Duncan Jan 22 2011

Yet more sightings reported in from Canada from the 22nd of January 2011 from locations such as Toronto, Victoria and Duncan.. if you live in any of the areas and also spotted something strange please reply to this post asap with details of your sighting.
Duncan Jan 22 2011:
On January 22 at 19:32, unidentified bright light started as a point in the sky directly south of us as we drove south on Highway 1 to Duncan. It grew in brightness and hovered in the same place, possibly moving slowly towards the highway. We drove for about 4 km looking at it, at which point it was to the west and still about 1 km away (guessing). It stayed bright for about 5 minutes and then became dim and disappeared (on camera!). No idea what this is. The interesting thing is that it was so incredibly bright, like a huge flare, and it didn't seem to move much at all. It just hung there in the sky until it disappeared.

Summary of Sightings in Canada on the 22nd Jan 2011

Co-incidence? JAN. 22 Lots of UFOs filmed by ISS during the spacewalk of Russian astronauts


Anonymous said...

2 ensimäistä videoo hujauksia ja taitaa olla suurin osa

Joffrey said...

4 clear ufos sighting on the 18th, 22nd and 23rd in the south shore of Montreal Canada.

The first 3 ones were a ball of light flickering in a unusual way, and they would vanish in less than a second.

The 4th one was a ball of light turning red and blue, its seemt to be shaped like a small triangle. It hovered from side to side for a minute.