Sunday, January 23, 2011

Scotland a popular Ufo hotspot - but why?

This new news report looks at the recent spate of numerous Ufo sightings over Scotland. I have noticed over the last few years numerous reports in from Dundee and Bonnybridge so there is something going on in that area. If you live in Scotland we would like to hear from you - where have you seen ufos and do you have any further photos or images?

On the night of Jan. 2, in the East Kilbride area of Scotland, George King wrote: "I was sitting in my car, facing west, when I noticed two orange lights -- one smaller than the other -- flying low.

"I thought it was a police helicopter, but it kept coming, no noise, and suddenly shot up skywards right in front of me."

King added that he jumped out of his car to phone his son, when he noticed something else: "Saw a large, pear-shaped bubble-type thing heading towards Hamilton/Strathaven."

It wasn't the first time a UFO had been spotted in this part of Scotland, says UFO investigator Ron Halliday.

"It's an absolute puzzle why there've been so many UFO sightings here. You know, if we're talking about extraterrestrials visiting from other planets, I can't think of any reason whatsoever why they would choose to fly over this particular area," he told AOL News.

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Fife, Scotland - 10th Sept 2010 - what was this object - a satellite?


Anonymous said...

I think, that its not so much,just that ET.-UFO.come from out in space
another Planet! but that they've been here for a long time!...?
Underground Bases - Underwater bases, all over this Planet,and that its conceivable that one of them, maybe nearby!..also that the
history of the United Kingdom, would be of some interest to them.

Like: "Take me to your leader!" BUT!
which one? when there are so many!
I think they're just watching us and the politics,the movements taking place that we the common people know little of..yet!
This is why we wanted govt.Disclosure,wasn't it?....?

Anonymous said...

i live in both edingburgh and livingston and let me tell you ufo dont just happen every week they happen every night you just need to know what youre looking for,

Anonymous said...

i live in aberdeen and i seen the exact same thing two nights ago one directly above the other heading east,must be satalites they move like satalites but its the first time ive seen them