Sunday, January 23, 2011

Powerful rocket or jet - any idea?

This video is going around on the internet, am i correct in assuming this is some extremely powerful jet or experimental craft right?
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Anonymous said...

You CAN'T be serious.

Chris said...

I'm almost 100% certain this has been posted before, looks more like a fast jet with a vapour trail. The tiny dot at the front doesn't resemble any kind of UFO and UFO's wouldn't typically leave that kind of trail. Maybe somebody with a better memory than me can remember seeing this a while back and post the original link.

Anonymous said...

commercial airliner or military cargo jet. i see them all the time over the pacific. many jets create different contrails due to the design of hull and wings. sunlight gleaming of the jet often creates a nice visual.

Anonymous said...

Magnified!..Black shape of a Plane,
so it must be!...?

Anonymous said...

It just a commercial jet. That's it. Nothing more!

Anonymous said...

It is only a commercial jet. That's it nothing more!

Charles said...

I agree with Chris, it's a vapour trail, and located somewhere in Korea, the commentator speaks Korean.

Anonymous said...

That is ONLY a commercial jet. It is backlit by
The sun. If you believe anything else you must
Be a UFO nut.

VirtuallyLucid said...

This is absolutely only a jet with a normal trail highlighted in the sunlight. It's funny, if a contrail sticks around, it isn't a "contrail," but is suddenly a "chemtrail." If it goes away quickly, it isn't a "contrail," but instead a "fireball" or "missile exhaust," or some other such thing.

By this reasoning, there is no such thing as a contrail, which is ridiculous.

This is a contrail.

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