Sunday, February 21, 2010

Internet Filter Shuts down RealUfos!

This is very disturbing people

With all the talk about Internet Filtering in Australia i have actually been effected by it now directly in a different country...

I can't seem to access youtube or embed any videos or use hotmail, facebook or even itunes for the last 2 days! This means i can't update the blog!

All other sites work but the main social media and video sharing sites have been blocked!

We contacted the ISP and it is a state wide issue - Just found out that its cause the country i am at the moment (not Australia) can at will allow its Internet providers to block access to youtube if traffic is too high or if there are copyright lawsuits.

I tried using a proxy to bypass the filtering and youtube works - so the ISP is blocking these sites out for sure. I found using works well for this!

Its disturbing as it has impacted the realUfos blog...  hopefully using the new proxy things will be ok
But just think about it - if a government can basically have a media blackout and they can very quickly force all ISPs to comply and all sites are taken down!

I couldn't even access my hotmail or itunes as well. Its very shocking  that governments can allow this type of filtering to block freedom of speech.

Is anyone else have youtube Issues in their country?

I heard yesterday Youtube was down for some time and there was some concern about hackers from Iran or China being held responsible.

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Anonymous said...

No issues here- California.

Anonymous said...

I've notice there has been trouble everywhere on the net....don't worry take your time & when you get home all your loyal fans like me will be waiting to see those great videos you so want to share with us............sometimes there's so much you can do,rather try to enjoy the contry you are in !!!!

Anonymous said...

Who cares for YouTube. Why is down for more than 2 days ?

James Wright said...

YouTube is fine in the UK. :)

markymint said...

Too bad. I'd like to offer a solution but this is a government we're talking of dealing with! Having other contributors is always a good option. Choose some loyal servants. I'm happt to update with certain news via the UK. mark at

Anonymous said...

What country are you talking about?

Anonymous said...

Yes why is down. Billy John is not even making status updates on Facebook. What is happening? It first started with me 2 months ago with disclose TV. Suddenly I no longer had permission to access the site from my server. Any videoes posted on any site were blocked out.

Anonymous said...

It's planned to shut down the whole anarchistic, people-fooling Exo-UFO-conspiracytainment business in 2014 - when all UN-members will have set up their Internet filtering infrastructure.
This step is mandatory; otherwise
national filtering could be circumvented by proxies.
Until then, many test-runs will be performed; both on DNS- and IP-address levels.

Anonymous said...

The ass holes and the Idiots of the world are the ones that are bringing the filtering on them selfs and every one else. The truth is the humans do not get it and never will. Here is the truth , you Lame Brains are doing it to to your selfs , and you believe that others are doing it to you.

Anonymous said...

If this is all true , then I am very happy. The more it gets into the last days the more happy I am.

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