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UFO Sighted Above Drogenbos Power Plant, Brussels, Belgium. 16/06/2012

A very interesting report in from Drogenbos, Brussels Belgium. We would like anyone in Belgium who may have also seen this one or anyone in the area who saw UFOs recently to come forward and reply to this post. There is a long history of UFOs near power stations, both nuclear and coal /gas powered. As with volcano sightings, it's postulated that they are attracted to these areas of energy, possibly for observation or recharging:
Witness report:
At about 11.15 pm on june 16 2012.
I was driving with my wife along Humanitet Blvd in Drogenbos - Brussels - Belgium. (Location link)

We saw exactly 5 RED Orbs in the sky, in the neighbor-hood of the power plant + 100 meters above. They were not moving and not in formation as they headed towards the east (center of Brussels).
The Orbs were not blinking. We could see a big blurred red light in each. 
Unfortunalety my mobile phone is an old one and does not have camera.

There was a lot of traffic and my wife was quite tired, so she urged me to drive home quickly. 

They were flying slowly, then faster, then again slowing down and not synchronized at all. 
It was a nightsight. It is a populated area (industries, some shops)
and lasted 1 minute or more(because I was driving away), they did not disappear, but continued flying eastward.

I hope someone took some pictures or recorded it, because I am still asking myself if it was some military device or something else. I am quite sure, they were not planes. 
Personally, It made me feel strange. Difficult to explain.

The location of the electrical CCGT (Combined Cycle Gas Turbine) power plant in Drogenbos, near the Brussels ring-road (not nuclear)

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Anonymous said...

Hard to judge without any photo's or video. The description of red orbs which are brighter in the centre, does sound like it could be chinese lanterns though.

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