Sunday, August 03, 2008

Gary McKinnon extradition proves US government is serious on Ufos

Hey guys,
With my previous post about the military helicopters in Bloomington, Indiana and the recent expose' by Dr Edgar Mitchell, it really hits home how serious the US government is about the UFO phenomenon and covering it up.

I guess its only natural then for their aggressive response to extradite hacker Gary McKinnon who uncovered some of their most sensitive and secret information on Ufos (the airbrushing of Ufos out at NASA). No one has ever been succesfully extradited from the UK for what Gary has done but the relentlessness of the US goverment in the case proves their real convern not about security but the nature of the data - that is ufos and particularly what 'Gary has not yet said about what he saw'.

Now that the appeal by Gary has been lost to the house of Lords things does not look good at all for Gary as he only has one route of appeal left in the European Court of Human Rights (which is to be decided within the next 10 - 20 days). If this fails he will be extradicted as a terrorist to the US where he will be subject to Guantanamo Bay style military or special category justice.

The whole claim to extradite him is based on the fact that he caused 1 million dollars in damage - but it only takes commonsense to figure out that its not possible for a guy on a dial-up modem to cause damage to the hardware of like 300 computers - Something is truly suspect here
(support Gary by checking his website below)

Gary McKinnon is facing extradition to the USA under the controversial Extradition Act 2003, without any prima facie evidence or charges brought against him in a UK court. Try him here in the UK, under UK law.
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Lich said...

Sometime am lost with this all, so lets group this "UFO" phenomena (many possibilities)

1. truly aliens was here thousand years ago
1a. and we humans are these aliens, because human dont come from monkey, but from sky
1b. and they create humans and grays (dinosauroids) by genetic manipulation

2. aliens never exist, we just open eyes to such possibility when create first space ships, and understand cosmic travell is possible
2a. UFOs was build by German army at end of second war and technology steal by USA and CCCP, which cover-up it as aliens by propaganda to spy enemies
2b. government could use even alien propaganda to abduct peoples and make secret experiments, there could be many valuable purposes for that propaganda

3. peoples want to believe in something, because fear to be alone in space, its like worship
3a. sleep paralyze and missunderstanding put peoples to believe in UFo on sky and abductions
3b peoples known its fake, but very popular so they use it to earn money writing books

4. aliens are real, but in different form we expect and we never seen them or its known and very secret
4a every viruses could be some kind of alien life form, which want to kill us and dominate on Earth (aliens are very small, like bacteria)
4b. they come trough wormhole open by philadelphia project, or on metheorite, or aliens send into space own DNA (as viruses) so they dont need to manually travell and colony galactic (its much cheaper and safety way)

5. there is no conspiracy, just coincidences in chaos, nobody stand beyond this, we all create it, everybody for different reason but all go the same strange way, its just happend
5a many peoples have benefits from aliens, or ghosts, or magic or any paranormal stuff and such things will never die
5b even worst, there will be still more such things, more advancement crop circles, more shapes of UFO (not only saurcers but now are popular triangles!) more mars theories, more new world order or planet x or 2012 year, when some things become less popular, there will be always more and more...

Virtually Lucid said...

This doesn't prove the government is serious about UFOs. (Even though I believe they are.) It proves they are serious about hacking government networks. The fact is, whether it was for a "good cause" or not, this man hacked into several US government networks illegally. That's serious business. The guy may not be a "bad guy", but when you knowingly and willfully break international law, you must accept that there may be consequences for your actions. In this case he got caught and must suffer those consequences. Sad, but true. If he did not, it would set precedent that could be used by others, with nefarious purposes, to claim unfair treatment should they be caught hacking government networks. Like D.O.D. networks. You wouldn't want them getting away without punishment would you?

IsraeliSkeptic said...

Gary is obviously a smart guy, who could use (may I say invent) the UFO angle as a spin on his illegal actions, to rally public support.
The fact that he has not provided any of the images he had seen in NASA computers, is fishy. The fact that he was not assassinated by some secret agency is some kind of evidence that he didn't find anything.

Though, I only present a skeptic point of view. In this bizarre case, every theory may turn up to be correct.

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