Monday, August 04, 2008

Strange object seen over the Uk

Not sure what this is guys, is it something from a rocket lauch or more, the contrail looks bizzare , whats your comments?
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Virtually Lucid said...

This exact video was posted quite awhile ago as a UFO in California on many websites. It's probably just making the rounds again and grabbing the attention of people who don't know any better. It does look strange when you aren't familiar with it. It's just a missile test launch, most likely from Vandenberg, where they test Titan missiles regularly. I watched one of these as I drove up the eastern Nevada border on my way to Idaho (which means it was visible across the entire state of Nevada), and freaked because I didn't know about them. I watch them when I can, now. They announce them ahead of time.

Anyway, the missile is the foggy, comet-like object in the upper right at the beginning. The trail it leaves behind seems to glow because it's high enough in the atmosphere, and far enough on the horizon (much farther than you'd guess if you didn't know) that it still catches sunlight. It looks eerie, but it's identified.

Anonymous said...

You Fuktard, i dont even have a high school diploma and i know just from using my "common sense" that, that is
a rocket trail, and or boosters dropping off from the sky...
A Real UFO dont have trails, u dumb paranoid ufo freak.

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