Wednesday, August 06, 2008

Russia Orbs 3rd August 2008

3 Aug 2008 : A man named Michael and other residents say they recorded 15 luminous objects in Moscow's sky during the very early hours of this morning.
From time to time,they manoeuvred and formed 3 dimensional figures.
It was suggested that helicopters were flying over at the time at the end of Moscow's VDV Day,but michael stressed they were totally silent.
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Gary P said...

I really want to know whats going on, considering there is a massive increase in sightings world wide. I know from first hand that the phonomena is genuine - dispite all the fake vids and CGI. Seeing it for yourself changes everything, but... What is this? Why are there such a large number of orbs and such the like. Are we on the verge of a revealing, or an invation?

Mathias Bjørnskov said...

Okay this video is really, really strange, since my girlfriend, a friend of mine and my self, saw something very similar to the what the video shows, just a few days ago. It was in the middle of the day, in Saeby, Denmark, when we suddenly noticed 15-20 glowing lightballs in the sky forming big circles, and then they dissapeared, showed up again, repeated a few times, and then dissapeared completely in smoke. It wasn't dark at all, it was a cloudy normal day. We took a few pictures of them, but there weren't enough memory to film a video, since we only had her parents camera and it was full of pictures. Also, our friend was at a different location, 30 meters away, he described them as glowing fireballs.

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