Wednesday, August 06, 2008

Last Chance to Save Gary McKinnon !

Hey guys,
With results coming out from Gary's final leg of appeal - the European Court of Human Rights within the next week, their is fear that this appeal will fail and Gary will be imprisoned for 60 years as a terrorist in the US. As a result, there is now mounting pressure directly on the U.S. Congress to stop the extradition because the damage claims used to extradite Gary are simply not true.

As mentioned the US government said that the claims to extradite Gary lie in the fact he caused $1 Million US dollars damage to computers. But it only takes common sense to work out that these claims are fabricated and used only as a means to win the trial to bring Gary to the US. I mean Gary only used a dial-up modem and logged in to the computers remotely, he never maliciously damaged any software let alone hardware - Yet the US says they had to spend $5000 replacing every computer tower that Gary logged into (about 200 - thus coincidentally adds up to the sum of $1 million US dollars). Just think about this guys - the damage claims are a outright lie.

ts just a sinister plot from the US goverment to get back at the man that accessed their most sensitive data - i.e. their Ufo files and they also want to make sure he doesn't say anymore saw when he accessed the NASA airbushing labs.

I am urging all our readers to show your support for Gary by signing this petition against the U.S. Congress for extraditing Gary.
Gary Mckinnon talks about his extradition to the USA live on GMTV.

The Free Gary Song and Tribute
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nick dk said...

already signed it :)

Anonymous said...

By Gary, you fucken loser.

nick dk said...

It takes one 2 know one...

Lich said...

Maybe he read book "How hack to Pentagon for dumbies" ?

Am sure whole stuff require replace, because when someone break into, they are no longer safe = worthless junk like broken lock in your home door.

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