Sunday, April 29, 2012

Ancient Aliens & Time Travelers

New from the History Channel: Is it possible that sightings of alien beings or UFOs may actually be evidence of time travelers from the future? And might ancient astronauts actually be time travelers from our future? Scientists explore the theoretical possibility of time travel.
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Anonymous said...

I don’t think time travel is a crazy concept, but if one claims that aliens are in fact ourselves, then there are no “aliens”, only humans frolicking in time and playing mind games on their own kind; not nice :-)

If there are other intelligent beings on other planets that can also time travel, there may be a hell of a lot of activity going on in the universe, and we haven’t yet seen much evidence of this kind of activity. Not to say that proves anything, after all we are limited beings. If we didn’t invent a microscope it would be hard to convince people that microbes existed or that tiny monster-like looking creatures lived on our skin.

I find it hard to believe that we are the only intelligent beings in the infinite universe. That is not to say some other beings or even ourselves have not mastered time travel; but time travel does not contradict intelligent life on other planets.

Anonymous said...

Well, I for 0ne,enjoyed that documentary, a logical explanation of where SOME OF our ET. visitors may be coming from: "US from the future!" but I would like to add, that it may also, be others from the future, & more! I can hear some saying, "yeah right!...waaay out there!!"...well it may seem a little way out,to some of us,but consider this!....If you "COULD" time travel back to some where in the past,and tell people; of "their" time period!!.....of the future technology! you would more than likely,get the same response.....get real!?

How can an aircraft,heavier than air, stay up there?:)lol we think!
How can you see things in a CRYSTAL BALL? can't happen!!..[TV.!!?]:) Well! here we are,and we KNOW how all this works now, don't we? Soooo! now,does all this time travel WORK???...GOT ME!?

Anonymous said...

Given the propensity for our "E.T." visitors to look exactly or close to exactly like us I think this is a far more logical explanation. What would iving in space do to humans evolution-wise? Let´s see, big black eyes to absord more light, pale skin from the lack of a home star, large brains and small bodies as tech takes off. Sound familiar?

Anonymous said...

What s crock of shit man

Anonymous said...

Well!..we think you would know all about that level...MAN!

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