Wednesday, April 09, 2008

Planet X to destroy earth - Fact or fiction?

What do you guys think of this Planet X stuff ? If this documentary and the math is true than its a going to be a disturbing outcome for us in 4 years, Apparently Planet X is a large planet beyond Neptune. It was meant to explain apparent discrepancies in the orbits of the gas giants. You need to watch to find out why it could pose a major threat to us - what do you guys think ? , does it sounds like science fiction or possibly true? :

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Anonymous said...

Firstly, This is just a well thought out myth. This guy (link below)explains this planet X thing pretty nicely for those of you who are intrigued/scared about the topic. This link should put alot of "nervous Nelly's" at ease:

Second, I don't thin this is really worthy of your blog. This is very preachy and doesn't offer anything to the fans of this site.

Anonymous said...

just realized the link above does not put you right at the planet X topic. When you open it simply go to left menu and select "Planet X".

Nick dk said...

well...its just funny that the mayan chalender stops at 2012 and i have seen many other evidence that c
konkludes the same without reffering to any planetx.

Around the world, there is being built very big seedbanks deep in the mountens to kickstart the earths plantlife if something like this should happen.

I have alsow heard of big caves being made in both USA and skandinavien...maybe to house a lot of ppl if something like this happens`?

i could go on and on...

Im affraid there is a little beliver inside me somewhere.

ps. sorry about the spelling

Anonymous said...


Any time people start bringing in the bible to proof things related to UFO/2012 is very funny to me.

VERY funny.

Anonymous said...

Planet X is nothing more then Disinfo.

Nick dk said...

Disinfo...thats what the debunkers say about UFO`s as well

Anonymous said...

This is a fluke. There is no planet X, there is not going to happen anything @ year 2012. If you really believe this, please then _really_ do the research.

If you can't find anything other then the "proof" (haha) these video's show, then stick to the bible.

Now, please don't say "very very soon!" at new year's eve 2012.

This is a joke.

I do like your blog, I think it's very interesting a lot of the times.

I'm an astrophysisist (at least very soon :) and I do consider my self very open minded to things.

I appreciate the ideology of promoting 'open mindedness' or whatever. However, this video's really brought this blog to its low.

To cut this short; there no planet X. Unless you want to believe the interpreted version of the bible ofcourse!

Anonymous said...

"Nick dk said...

Disinfo...thats what the debunkers say about UFO`s as well"

Except there is actual evidence to the support the UFO Phenomenon. The supposed "evidence" to support the planet X gag is really messy, theres so many different planet X stories with scriptures, misinterpreted ancient text and bogus pictures to support each of there theories.

UFO's are real, planet X.. at least the way it's explained is full of fail, it doesn't hold up to any scientific scrutiny.

Anonymous said...

Update ur youtube videos bra. None of them work

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