Saturday, January 11, 2014

Australian UFO Sighting!: 09/01/2014

New UFO video report, from Australia:

Recorded in Western Australia, a strange object of which the likes I have never seen before. It traveled vertically from my perspective, I was previously following a satellite that was heading past the constellation of Canis Major. Recorded time 8:47pm Direction: East Location: Lynwood, Western Australia
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Anonymous said...

Right ok. Video is all mangled.

willie waycup said...

Nice. I used to look up all the time and from 2009 to 2012 the most amazing things happened in my area literally almost nightly and multiple sightings each time. Things to amazing for anyone without similar experiences to believe. I really hope you keep your cam with you and stay watching, and that you will have many more and more astonishing sightings. As for your vid definitely wasn't a meteor seemed to flipping also seemed far to fast to be any space junk plus space junk that visible would be huge and mapped by space watch programs.cheers

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