Saturday, January 11, 2014

New UFO Footage - Joliet, Illinois USA: 01/01/2014

New UFO report from Joliet, Illinois USA:

Joliet, Illinois - 01-05-14 - I'm  I'm a freelance reporter for the Southtown Star. 
I'm looking into a claim from two snowplow drivers who think they might have seen a UFO on Sunday evening. They were plowing lots around the Joliet Mall. 

The object appears to hover for five minutes over near Caton Farm Road in the Joliet Mall area. In the final minute of the video, the object moves eastward and overhead.

It looks cross-shaped with lights on each end. Would someone please examine the video and tell me what they think it is? To me, it looks like it might be a drone.
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Bathtub said...

It's an airplane with its landing light and then its navigation lights and anti-collision strobe clearly visible. Can't be mistaken for anything else.

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