Monday, January 06, 2014

Close Up's Of Triangle UFO Over California 30/12/2013

New UFO video:

Filmers comments:
Man catches low flying triangle UFO on high tech camera! This amazing footage sent to show a perfectly caught craft which was sitting in the skies above startled witness who says the craft was "NOT" flying but sitting over a few thousand feet above his yard and motionlessly dulles down its lighting before moving like a satellite in the sky! The pics are awesome!
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Anonymous said...

If you like that you'll love this!jim gaffigan was on the "no spin zone" bill o'Reilly factor!behind jim gaffigans head was backdrop of live city skyline a little after dawn.there was a ufo fly in super fast turns behind his head as soon as they realized it they cut to a different angel and i can't find the video anywhere on the net!

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