Friday, February 21, 2014

RealUfos posts as usual

Hi all
Just keeping you informed here.
Have had some disturbance to the site, whether intentional or not all is ok now.
I have a backlog of posts to put up.
So yes i am still here. !
Eyes to the Skies Matt
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Anonymous said...

Had us going there for a bit,thought the ship had sunk, but no! its got a determined Captain at the helm, and thank you! would have missed this site,and sure others would have, as well!

When this kind of thing happens,its a test to all! because where would we go from here, for a dally diet of updates, on UFO. around the world:)..THANK YOU!..its food for thought,this site being one of the best..if not THE BEST!! for those who come here regularly, on a "tour" of knowledge, and discovery, even room to air an opining, for those who choose to so:)...........

Paul Copeland said...

Thats Great News Matt, Hope all turns out well and the site runs fine.

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