Monday, February 10, 2014

UFO's Down Under Alien Files

Aborigines have the oldest continuous culture on Earth. Rock paintings and ancient legends suggest that aliens have been communicating with Australian Aborigines for 70,000 years. What are the Sky Being's relationship with these people? And how did it change when the continent was discovered by Europeans? Is there an alien fight for Australia? And if so how will it affect the rest of the world?
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Anonymous said...

Hahaha!..I don't know!..Would the Sky Beings really want an alien fight for Australia,when its much easier to walk & work, with the Australians at "Pine Gap" in central Australia near: Alice Springs. My understanding is there's an ET.underground base,not that far from there.The ["Secret US.& Australian" National Security Intelligence, Central Agency]

LOL..Some secret eh!!:) I understand, this has jointly been in place for some time now!...

The Australian People, some years ago,had a protest outside this so called secret base, at Pin Gap,wanting to know what was going on inside this base.Unfortunately they soon got the word to move on.So as you can see,the secret still lives on....Nothing here folks, but military matters!! so to speak!? you won't get ANYONE to talk about an ET.underground base at Pine gap, at least not from this base!? This story comes from many "Whistle Blowers"
claiming that ET.goes there for a holiday....A HOLIDAY???....Makes you wonder!?

The Australian People know!! they're just not SURE of what they think they know!! and I stand with them, on that one. I, and I'm sure you would, like to know for sure!!!We can know the stories out there, but do we know the truth? and this gives rise to why we need an official Disclosure,to understand that what we think we know, isn't just disinformation, but indeed, are the facts! and not propaganda spread around by so many, for their own reasons of agenda.

In other words..Whats true? and What isn't? That's the question....

--- : ---

I find in life,that when it comes to believing, "Seeing is believing" - OR - it takes an impressive speaker of great knowledge,to catch the peoples attention, of that which they wish to deliver, skillfully!..So you believe,because you have been convincing! not because you have seen, with your own eyes.

How many times have I seen this in church? for example!?

How many times have I seen this in advertisements!? and so on.

If you hear something often enough, you can wind up believing in it.Does this make it true?

Does the politician get it right every time, when you believed in him? so on.

Don't believe!! and its OK! to be skeptical! so long as you are open minded to the possibility
yet to be discovered!!To show interest in something, is to learn about it!and the "belief" in it,will come naturally, when fully understood:)..You want to know,before you can believe,NOT
BELIEVE, before you KNOW:)...............................?

Anonymous said...

The question:.. "Is there an Alien fight for Australia?"....Tricky question!?:)

For a start,Which Aliens?:).."Space aliens?" - OR - "aliens of a noncitizen resident of another country?" A mixed bag of thoughts..yeah? Lets throw the cat in with the pigeons:)

"Human space aliens" as noncitizen residents from another country,just to keep the passport record straight for any authorization to travel, could be a right headache in the, you know where, for immigration:)..all around the world!?

These beings! These intelligent people! would keep everything tidy & legal, on the face of things..A smooth running operation to infiltrate a country in vast numbers, "not to FIGHT!" but to overcome a country, by SATURATION of their will, in numbers!?...

So by now, you might be asking..WHO'S WHO???....Too late!! 0.0 ..They are now running the country politically!!..its THEIRS!!..While the rest of us see their lights in the sky, and wonder, what ever!?..HYPOTHETICALLY, of cause!?..Scary?:)..Peaceful, yes!..but who's peace of mind, would you be under now? in the WHO'S WHO! peace of things?...


Make love! not war!..Could THIS! be a declaration of intent?..A threat!!..HYPOTHETICALLY
of cause!:)............................?

Anonymous said...

Remember?..Don't believe!..Just consider..WHAT IF!?....The FACTS will speak for its self, & let .."belief"..come naturally when ready..You WILL know!..................

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