Tuesday, January 14, 2014

UFO Disclosure - Dr Steven Greer Talks!: 10/01/2014

Abby Martin interviews Dr. Steven Greer on RT's "Breaking the Set" about the US government's secrecy of the UFOs and extraterrestrial presence. RTL seems to never shy away from highlighting issues the US media simply won't cover.
Dr. Steven Greer follows up on his work with the Disclosure Project, an organization that has collected testimonies from over one hundred US government officials concerning the existence of extra-terrestrial life.
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Anonymous said...

My goodness,so much to take in!..One thing that caught my attention!..she, Abby Martin, in her opinion, said:
"We all know, we can't trust CONGRESS"..Heaven forbid! if that's true, there blows the Citizens hearing to Congress, on the UFO.sightings in witness there of. etc. for Disclosure!!...My God! who's pulling their strings? as if we didn't know!!...:/

This could explain, why no feedback "as yet!?"

Blood is thicker than water,yeah? when it come to war! and there's plenty of that, gone under the bridge, in the last 60+yrs. It seems, no one can get their act together,to get this: [UFOnomenon]:) off the ground, into the public arena.Could it be because we,re too tied, up with red tape & puppet string:/// from the powers that be?

And so the struggle goes on,and just maybe! just maybe! its because we're are not ready just yet,to except
the unbelievable truth of DISCLOSURE. You might be!? I am! But is the world ready yet,to receive that which they are not aware of, just yet!...

Amazing changes are just around the corner,and the corner,it seems, is not in sight as yet,and which corner, would that be anyway? Meaning!? What Country might officially declare Disclosure, if the US. is too slow on the uptake, after 60+yrs of secrecy and deception, and the USA. IS NOT THE ONLY ONE!!! So who has the courage, aside from those who go to war, to kill another, or lay down their own life, in the name of: "politics! in Your country"

Don't go to war, and die for it! Make "Disclosure" and LIVE!! for a better way of life, it will bring for all! More freedom! no more pollution! A more efficient economy! To do for others, as you would like others to do for you, like a Christmas gift, at Christmas:) the one time of the year, we make a sacrifice,to see anothers, smile:)

Then go to war, right? and take anothers life, or loose your own.That has happened! and children are aften mixed up in this war of madness, in the name of Politics.

Help to make Disclosure a reality, and live a loving life of freedom,that YOU! and others deserve!!...

If you feel this is a sweeping statement I make, then I can only suggest you don't understand the hole story on Free energy, that Dr.Steven Greer and others, are trying to get out for us....This is nothing new!!

[[Nikola Tesla the forgotten Wizard of science: Serbian born.1856 - USA.1943]] had ALREADY invented Free energy in his time of 87yrs. and was never able to get it out, as FREE ENERGY! for society, at that time. We owe him, the world owes him, for the: "AC power current" for which we all pay for today, and not the FREE ENERGY he wanted society to have.

In North Queenstown Australia, two guys have invented a generator,called an: "M Machine" that can power your house for FREE!!! Will keep running for years, until, I gather,it needs servicing! The last I heard,he's now in USA.
Wonder if Dr.Greer knows of him!? and so it goes on,true I'm sure,the history shows it! Just do research on it,and you WILL discover!!:).................................

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