Saturday, January 25, 2014

UFO ovnis video filmed over sea over Buenos Aires Argentina 14th Jan 2014

Would like you thoughts on what on earth this object and lights are filmed out to sea over Buenos Aires Argentina 14th Jan 2014 ? Any ideas? Please reply to this post.

Filmers comments: About 21hs Day 14/01/14 could see this from the coast of Monte Hermoso. Searching the Internet, it is called a meteorite in Buenos Aires on 12/01, one in Saltillo, Mexico and San Antonio, Texas on 11/01. Be the same?
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Anonymous said...

Those are very recognizable as the safety lights on the bottom and top of an off shore oil rig.

Bathtub said...

There's something right on the horizon - a ship, a drilling rig perhaps - and an inverted image of it caused by a 'fata morgana' mirage. The hysterical soundtrack is ridiculous.

Anonymous said...

Stop talking and hold the camera still.

Greg St. Pierre said...

My guess would be a temperature inversion refracting the light from a ship, causing a secondary image above the first.

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