Friday, January 24, 2014

Fast moving UFo like object over SAKURAJIMA VOLCANO JAPAN 01-23-2014

As many following this blog may know UFO sightings near active volcanoes are extreemly common.
Airspace over active volcanoes are always a no-fly zone due the threat that volcanic ash poses to modern jet engines. Often this discounts man made crafts. So the question is what are these crafts seen flying over volcanoes if they are not meant to be man-made?

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Anonymous said...

In my opinion yes! An active volcano, is a no-fly zone for: "air intake" man made aircraft!?
for the reasons you've explained. BUT! UFO. that travel in the vacuum of space,do not have, "air intake" as such!

If they are seen over an active volcano,how could the ash effect them? since the crafts technology is so different from our jets & turboprop engines,as you have indicated,in damage, there of. If indeed,they are over a volcano,at all!? where ever that might be?? The curious question might be: THEIRS or OURS??:)..and if so! who could stop them,in a "no fly zone" anyway!? when they can zip off in the blink of an eye,at a moments notice.

I don't know about the sighting being over a volcano though!? I tend to think that maybe what is being seen, is some distance farther away,as opposed to over a volcano!? It could APPEAR to be over a volcano, but IS IT?? I tend to think nearby, but a respectable distance off, to duck & dive the materials ejected from an active volcano..wouldn't you think??...

If they are seen to fly through all this volcanic material, then I bet the on-board computer has plenty to say to the high command:)..Have you lost your mind?....:/ One might think!

But considering they are way ahead in technology, & said to have been "SEEN" to speed into the ground, mountains, & water!? then what more can we say, if you believe this.If you can except all this. It has been claimed, to have been seen! Then why not active volcanoes??

For myself!?..I would have to see this,to believe it, and THAT would ruin my day!! as it might have already, for others!?:/...Keeping an open mind, is a hard one, at its best:)...

I've heard it explained,that when a UFO. enters the water,the water ahead of its entry point, is PARTED! and the craft does not touch the water at all!..Hence, no splash!! and closes in behind its entry.

So when a UFO. enters the ground or a mountain,the ground directly ahead of its entry point, is dematerialized on entry,& rematerialized behind its entry! to end up who knows where!?

An underground base!?....underwater base!?..Remember they are able to alter mater, to manipulate DNA./ETC. So,is anything possible,when we think it is not, & why not?

It was once thought that the airplane, being heavier than air,could not fly!..impossible!! they said, but the "Wright brothers" proved that wrong didn't they? Now look at what we getting around in today,and think nothing of it! What used to take months in the old sailing ships, now only takes hours by air!!! Amazing! how did that happen?..Hard work & time!? In a "change of mind" came the understanding of possibility,since the "Wright brothers" showed it possible, that a craft heaver than air, could fly! and we've never turned back since, and just gone from strength to strength, to what now exists today.Because of this,the world has become a smaller place, with a faster pace.What used to be some distance away in months,is now just hours away across the ditch as they say:)..NOW..IF?..We had new technology like, you got it:) UFO. Come on over for a cup of green tea,in a few seconds, lol right next door half a world away:) that impossible as well? How small can the world really get? there a limit to all this?..or is it about how to put a meter on your craft,or more to the point,how to keep you from skipping the country!!
I'll be back!..RIGHT!..All sorts of implications from this freedom to come and go for a cup of tea with your NOW, new neighbor!?..There goes the countries security!! There goes the neighborhood!! So I gather from this, BIG BROTHER will not allow!! Well! it was just a thought:)
forget the green tea! I've diversified............................

Anonymous said...

One of the reasons, I believe, for not lifting the lid on "Pandora's box" in suppression of "Disclosure" on UFO/ET. for over 60+yrs. is the indirect threat to "National Security" for
"ALL COUNTRIES" around the world. Because as time goes on, and the new technology grows & catches on, to advance faster travel around the world for individuals,or if it comes to that, for every one!! then this would be a problem for: "Immigration between Countries" not to speak of: terrorism, or just overall traveling to another Country for what ever reason.Too much freedom, can lead to dis-functional politics between countries. To overcome this, might lead to a one world government over all,to resolve this problem!? Having said that, steps towards a one world Government is already in place, so what does that tell you? The biggest paradigm shift ever!? or is it so slow, change by change! that no one notices!? Except for those that see the light, or lights!:) and can not explain what they see................yet!?

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