Thursday, February 06, 2014

UFO Sighting Recorded Over Mission BC 2nd Feb 2013

UFO recorded over Mission BC 2nd Feb 2013

Filmers comments: This video was shot in mission bc on February 2 2014. tonight was a night like any other. i was inside playing video games and watching some show on tv. when i decided to step outside and check out the stars. because thats just something i do every night. i saw that my mom was home and i talked to her for a moment then stepped out onto the road. i turned and looked up at the sky and i suddenly saw a light in the distance. i at first thought it was a plane but i noticed it had been in the same spot for a long time. in my head something told me to run inside and grab my camera. i went into my house and got my finepix s 14 mega pixel camera and pointed it at the object. i started to record then a second light appeared beside it. i screamed out to my mom that a ufo was in the sky. she said that it was a plane but i told her this was not a plane. and i new that it my heart that what i was seeing was not man made. a third light appeared in the sky and my heart almost stopped beating. there in the sky was a light i'd seen as a kid. something that i never got a video of. something for all these years i kicked my self for not doing so. was sitting right in the sky in front of me. then my mind raced and i ran backwards more to see if i could get a better shot. sadly the third light i wasn't able to get in time because it vanished to fast. so i was left with the same two lights. my mom came over to me wanting to see it but the two lights went behind some trees and she couldn't see them. she went back inside saying it was to cold to stay out so she went inside. i stayed out and stayed out and recorded the lights till they vanished. now why i said it was something i saw as a kid was because. back in 2011 i saw the same ufo. i will never forget the night. i was in my room watching tv and i just happened to look out my window. i saw threw orange lights, one in front of the other fly up above my house. i had know about ufos but not as much as i know today, i ran threw the hallways and said to my mom that a ufo was outside. i ran down stairs and out the front door. i looked around and saw every one in the neighborhood looking up at the sky. i looked up and saw the three orange lights 100 feet above my house. my mom and my step dad ran outside and joined me. i being 11 years old got scared of this and hid behind are car. peaked around and watched the lights hover in there triangle shape for another minute then the lights split up and vanished. ever since that night ive been out wanting to see the lights again. spending hours outside watching the sky. i admit a saw a few vary strange things and yea made a few little ufos myself. but tonight. iv'e gotten another chance at getting the lights i saw on video. and now here is the footage.
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