Wednesday, January 01, 2014

UFO Lights On Melbourne, Australia: 31/12/2013

Parallel UFO video filmed over Melbourne, Australia:

Source: MUFON
 My Partner Lee and I were driving through Melton, Victoria. lee said " Rob What is that up there? quick pull over" we got out of the car and saw a large star like object in the sky that was bright red\orange. we observed it hovering side to side and up and down for several Minutes then it seemed to turn, fade and simply disappear.
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Brad said...

My wife and I were in Phillip Island the same night, at about 22:00 we both saw a star like light but larger that looked like a hot air balloon as it was moving very slowly

Life in Dubai said...

This morning while driving to work close to the Zoo i notices a bright light in the sky i pulled over took a pic i was unable to follow it due to trees blocking my view

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