Wednesday, May 30, 2012

UFO In The News? Denver, Colorado

Do you belive the news presenters?
On May 29th 2012, a UFO sighting was aired on NBC news in Denver, Colorado. Officials say that it's a balloon, aircraft or a meteor,  but the video shows that it goes up, down, left and right. The news crew even admits that the public won't belive them:
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I love how the news chick sitting on the left reffers to the blue green and red things that move in the sky are satellites and that we have thousands of them. She explains it as it is fact yet she can't explain how or why they move but she is certain they are satellites lmao talk about covering up... Except she does a lousy job at covering anything up!

Anonymous said...

A light minded approach to the ufo.
because thats exactly what it is,
UNIDENTERFIED!!So who can believe?
believe in WHAT?its uninenterfied!

At this point,its just a light to
be seen.Until a large Disk can be
seen & CLEARLY photoed,people will always be unsure about this. We see clear photos of aircraft all the time & we know we would see a clear photo of your good self, but the day we see a true close up shot, of a flying disk, this will be the day for BIG BUZZ!!
Untill this takes place,it will always be this, that, or something else,and ooh yes! too good to be true,and we all know whom to blame for that,don't we? those who think its a joke,to photo shop, right!?
This has undermined any real photos
or videos that we all look at and
think; could this be real or fake!?
The Documentaries are compelling &
stories amazing, but these lights!?
well, just don't know.........

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