Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Bizarre UFO Lights Above Poland

This UFO video was sent in from a reader and shows lights over a field in Poland.
If anyone can translate what they are saying as a reply to this post it would be great.
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ggml said...

more like sky lanterns

Anonymous said...

-what is that?
I think they are fireworks
No ,no it does not look like fireworks because it is hovering in one place
Maybe they are fireworks with delay ignition?
Maybe Russians? :)
Noo ! let' s post it on youtube.

Rest is just trash talking not worth it to translate.

Anonymous said...

Check out what UFO's really are.

Anonymous said...

Thank you!...at: 9:55am.

Some ufo:...Chariots of the Gods!!

Some ufo:...Chariots of Fire!!

Astronauts-Aliens-Angels, all are Heavenly travelers!!..So what is in a name.....Its all, in how you think!and how you think,is how you were taught to think,so what IS in a name,can be one and all the same.

You can be called a: Son!a Father!
a Grandfather!a Teacher!a Mentor!

But "YOU" are still you! no mater what your label.

So in ancient times of long ago,
there must have been, many labels
to as many sightings,and still, its going on today.

Today,we call them Aliens & UFO!

In ancient times,Angels & Chariots!

So,what is in a name?

The supreme GOD,was not alone!
He forbids us to adore none other than himself!! So why would he say this,if there were no other Gods to adore,right? Look in your Bible!

The other gods,must have been:
Extraterrestrials!? and their Chariots!! [UFO.] and of cause, the
fallen angels...[lucifers lot!!]

The war is still going on today!
Time & space, mean nothing in this
war,for the power over us and this planet....Think of Time Travel!?

A war, umteen thousand years ago "TIME TRAVELED"to here and now,
makes "NO difference" in the time continuum, in their struggle of power, over their differences,and in between this "TIME TRAVELED" war
many-many generations have past in
the normal time we understand.

When an abduction take place,many people report, MISSING TIME! Why?
Because some abductions have a connection with time travel!?how else could you explain it?
Think about it!If someone says they
were gone for just a short time,and
on their return,others ask where the heck were you?you've been gone
for hours,...What would you call this? puzzling?;)...............

Luvoz said...

Haahahaha..... You religious folk make me laugh :) thank you!

Anonymous said...

Its good for you Luvoz:)........

Anonymous said...

While I do hold to the Bible,I find
that it IS open to interpretation
and in some things, a little puzzling,to say the least!!

Archeological findings,can carbine
date back, "thousands to millions" of years,as we all know,but in the
christian world of understanding,
the civilization of man,dates back
to about six & half thousand years.

I have a problem with this...

In the bible,we can read:

Adam & Eve were the first two Human
beings, that God had created on earth, Right?:) They had two sons,
"Cain & Abel" yeah?...Now it says
that..."Cain & Abel" begotten unto themselves, Wives!! WIVES???....

My question is...If "Adam & Eve" -
"Cain & Abel" were the four only
humans on the earth at THAT time,

Where did there WIVES come from???
and who married them??

Well this can only mean one thing,
we were duped!!..victims of deceit!

The Bible is open to interpretation
and Ancient cities seen today,speak
for themselves!?..God knows!

Sad really!.. people honoring the Bible,all their lives.I think there IS a God!..but things aren't
as straight as we have been taught.

So now,we're looking for a new light of understanding,because the
old one lost its path,to INTERPRETATION. In other words,how do we understand this world we were
born into, with more question than answers,the deeper you dig!?

Extraterrestrials & UFOs. seem to slot into this puzzle,in Biblical
proportion in our Ancient past,and
in amazement, is STILL, "actually" being seen right around the world today, this can't be ignored!!

Although,we're not sure what these things are,they ARE being seen,and that can't be denied!!

And YES!..FAKE as well!..just to add a LEMON to the soup of things,
we all get the pip over that, when your looking for the truth of what
it is,everyone seeing up there.

So keep your mind open as aparachute,and hope it doesn't rip.
The alternative doesn't bear thinking about.................

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