Wednesday, March 13, 2013

UFO Sparkles In The Sky - Pennsylvania: 04/03/2013

A bright series of UFO lights were filmed over  Pennsylvania, on March 4th 2013.
The question is, was this a helicopter, man made craft, or something else?
Your comments appreciated on this video:
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Luvoz said...

What a fantastic imagination! to me it looks like nothing but a plane or helicopter.

robert couture said...

Be afraid, or looks real to me and if it is what are they waiting for land,destroy or pick
me up I'm ready to go.Our government better be afraid,if they have technology like that
we have no future!!!!!

Anonymous said...

I can back this up with shots in Utah of five different shaped spacecraft that couldn't possibly be our own. We can't fly at mach ten. I wish I had the camera she talks about too.

Anonymous said...

I don't know what these lights are,
but they don't look like aircraft
headlights to me.I've seen quite a few aircraft lights in my time,but nothing like this!!How do you account for the smoky affect around
the lighting??Never seen THAT before with aircraft lights!?
I mean you could think,the aircraft
was flying through cloud,but the lighting affect on the so called clouds, were STRANGE, not as one would expected to see!?...No, I think this is something "clear" and

This doesn't mean its a UFO. or craft of some sort!?

This could be Technology we are not
acquainted with..yet! in "addition"
to the variety of craft sightings!?

We need to bear THAT, in mind.
Remembering there are different levels of Technology,amongst the varying ETs.from where ever they come from, things are not necessarily the same,but "clearly"
more advanced, Technologically!!

It maybe,...some are NOT CRAFT!?
We keep thinking CRAFT because that
is the level of technology for transport we understand!? We live with it every day of our lives, but
if you can imagine,what it might be
like in our sky,a thousand years from now, and say; ETs thousands of
years on that again,then we might be getting close to seeing what it
is, that we don't understand, but see in our skys today!?............

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