Friday, March 15, 2013

UFOs On The Sun Again? 11/03/2013

Captured from NASA's SOHO sun observatory this video shows small hovering objects near the sun.
I don't think this is a lens issue - would like your opinions on this footage:
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Anonymous said...

First off, I love this site and very much appreciate the effort.

As to the images... I don't think they are lenses or recording aberrations either. If these are craft, the would have to be huge. It's possible they are bases for some of the strange craft seen all over Earth.

Anonymous said...

I think its hard for everyone to believe this,but trying to keep an open mind, if it is true,one could
have fun speculating that maybe its
technology from our distant past
still obiting around the sun, as we
see it today,for the first time and are starting to see things, we've "never"seen before.Something new like this, is always going to be controversial!!Whether its from our past, or something that is taking place NOW!

If it is REAL,..WE NEED TO KNOW MOOR!regardless to what anyone thinks,REAL is REAL! and we'll soon calm down.You can explore the
real thing, but short lived

This thing, what ever it is,..IS BIG!!...Intrigueing! & a little worrying because of its size but we go with the flow,just for the adventure you see:)...........

Anonymous said...

Tech from our distant past? Certainly possible. I think there's plenty that we are wrong about with regard to our history. These may even be from a previous species that had evolved on Earth.

Anonymous said...

Yes, Tech: from our distant past!

I don't say I believe this,because
I simply don't know!! BUT I do feel
very strongly,that this is a possibility,a gut feeling if you will!? just LOOK at what is being found on earth today & RIGHT under
our noses, for how long?? and NOW, with new Technology,we are starting
to WAKE UP!! to the amazing realization,that we are not alone &
never have been!?..WHAT does this mean?..Its not just about US alone,
in the past or the present,but whom
and what? IS & ALWAYS has been with us!! In amongst us!?

Previoes species of the past?

Is a hole different story of WHO we are today!..And they built BIG!!

Now thats, what I call:..Quality Control:)......

So what are these things,we see orbiting the Sun?....If they alter
direction,...its taking place NOW!

The thing is, we could be seeing
Tech: from our Ancient past, PLUS present day" activity up there,as well.

Here is a thought for you.

The sun is cold!! in a sense...:)?

The intense "LIGHT" FROM the SUN, that shines on a surface, is what generates Heat, on that surface!
the intense "light" its self!? the closer to the SUN,...YOU FRY!

NOW,consider this!....If an object close to the sun,no matter the size
who's surface is obviously exposed
to the SUNS ray of light,generating
this heat, HAS a SHIELD around it
to filter this light from heating the surface, and that surface of an object, was reflective of that light, then this could explain the closeness of this Technology,seen around the SUN.Remembering,its not
the heat that comes from our SUN,
but the LIGHT that heats the surface!! and that is why the earth
is in that so called: Goldylocks zon,not too hot,not too cold!

The intense rays from our SUN could
demand HUGE OBJECTS, to defy, the SUNS POWER over it,this Technology
could be using the SUNS power,to
protect itself,against the very thing that would destroy it,if it
did not!.....I suppose the big question would be, why are they there in the first place?...or IT there? I say this,because what ever these things are,they could be from our Ancient past,with no one there,but Technology.

The thing that gets me,is the size
earth size!!

I mean,how BIG is BIG? that makes BIG! I think its too BIG, because BIG's making me feel very small:)

The size of earth?? you couldn't explore it in a life time, even if
you COULD get near the sun,but just the same,I guess its wise to know what is, out there..........?

Anonymous said...

Cmon people!!! If only if?? Why are they spending money on telescope? Mars exploration? To find E.T ...which all they to do is to look at the sun....???

Anonymous said...

What a blinding thought!?...............

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