Saturday, March 16, 2013

UFO News - New Video In! Oregon 7/03/13

This interesting UFO craft was filmed over Oregon on March , 2013 .
We would like to hear from anyone else in the area who may have also seen this craft:
Filmers comments: An object is observed moving from south to north with altitude under 1000 feet.The object is post edited with zoom for the night vision portion and reveals there is separation/space between fore and aft lights and no visible structure associated. Three types of equipment were attempted to document. The Night Vision Gen 3P, the Hi8 and Celestron spotting scope with nex 5 camera. Unfortunately the object couldnt be located through the spotting scope before it moves behind the trees. Therefore only the night-vision and Hi8 portions were utilized for the clip.
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Anonymous said...

Awesome video!! Thanks!

Anonymous said...

Awesome video!! Thanks!

Dean Crosgrove said...

Very Interesting, I myself am a resident of Pendleton, OR and for the past 7 days i have spent several hours observing several dozen, if not, several hundred unidentifiable aerial objects.
Most have been seen after dark once the starts are out.

But about a week ago myself, as well as several dozen other people saw 3-4 aircraft flying over town at roughly 8:30 p.m. the aircraft were flying in a diamond formation and caught a lot of peoples attention, including the military, which promptly dispatched to fighter aircraft to intercept the UFO's once the Fighter jets were roughly a mile a way from the aircraft the UFO's accelerated and crossed the entire horizon in a matter of seconds, leaving the fighter jets unharmed, but severely out maneuvered.

This was the Incident that sparked my nightly routine of looking up and watching the starts. I admit i was a nonbeliever up until that incident and now... I can't help but wonder, just how much do we really know.

Thanks for the awesome video!

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