Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Bright Light Filmed Over Harrisburg, Illinois: 9/09/2012

Did anyone else in Illinois see this strange glowing light in the sky the other day?

Posters comments:
Harrisburg, Illinois - 09-09-12 - We had been hiking about one hour, and when the sun began to set we found a spot and sat and talked.
I was filming the sunset when I noticed the light and started filming it immediately. It was very hard without a tripod to keep it in focus, but it was there.
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Anonymous said...

This guy gave a reasonable commentary of what he was seeing with his friends,and IT is baffling
to say the LEAST!

He said, he didn't think it was a plane! BUT looked like an Orb! and yet to me, this thing looked like it could have been burning, as if streaking through the atmosphere on fire! But wait a minute!He then said it had STOPPED. Now I'm baffled!..unless, what appeared to have stopped,was actually coming in his direction, in the line of sight,which means,it made a turn!!
or did it just STOP!!either way of thinking about this,can only mean, that this is not what you would expect an object,that is streaking
through the atmosphere in a straight line,probably thousands of kilometers an just STOP! or make a turn! was something else..ufo? he said, it STOPPED!!!

What I can't get past, is the "length" of what appeared to be flames,or were we looking at a disk edge on, in the light of the sun?but he said it looked like an Orb!! Baffling..............

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