Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Austin a Ufo hospot - great videos from 2008

Austin seems like a massive Ufo hotspot. If any of you live there and have seen ufos during the end of last year or even recently please respond to this post.
according to this article:
The Austin Planetarium is now investigating some strange sights in the sky - caught on tape. An astronomy expert is calling them unidentified flying objects - UFOs.
Some men who live in a Central Austin apartment building say they've seen bizarre things in the sky for months, but lately it's been more frequent. The men recorded their sightings on home video. Experts from the Austin Planetarium visited the apartment building area Friday night to see if they could also spot the objects.
source + videos

Click here for Amazing Fox news videos of UFO over austin Nov 2008

Some random Austin Ufo reports:

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