Thursday, October 18, 2012

Boom! 3D Radar Confirms -Meteor Or UFO Strikes Louisiana.

Emails coming in about a loud explosion / 'boom' heard by residents in NW Louisiana the other day. If you also heard this loud noise, please reply to the post. What makes this event different from other 'boom' events, is that the object was apparently caught on 3-D radar, BEFORE impact.
News of this story has reached the media:

  At approximately 11:28 PM Central on Monday, October 15, 2012, the Shreveport, Louisiana, National Weather Service captured “a mystery object flying” on radar allegedly moving from Bossier City suburb (green circle lower left) northeast across I-20 near Haughton to Dixie Inn (red circle upper right) near Minden as reported by residents - or Webster more north as reported by KTBS-TV. There was also a loud, house-shaking boom. After the weather radar of the mysterious moving aerial object had been broadcast several times on local KTBS-TV news, by the morning of Tuesday, October 16, the explanation offered to the public was “a large bunker explosion near the border of the Camp Minden Army Ammunition Plant” 30 miles northeast of Shreveport. Full story at EarthFiles
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