Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Bizarre Anomaly Near Sun - Caught On SOHO

Something real strange caught by NASA's solar observatory:

Posters comments:
An incredible object caught by Soho, which clearly shows a saucer-shaped object materilize next to the Sun. The object is very well defined and clearly has ridges or grooves around its exterior. It also has a notch in its hull; this reminds me of the Tether UFOs recorded by STS 75. This is not dust, the right side of the object seems to be reflecting the sun rays also, dust is not reflective or as defined as this.
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Anonymous said...

So, ho! ho! ho!..Perhaps not so funny if one considers how huge the occupants might be in this incredible object caught by Soho.NO ONE WILL BELIEVE THIS! Its like two Possums in the middle of the road,looking at TWO MOONS,just to find out too late,it was a Vehicle!? Lights out,good night! Never had time to make dust....Where would you run anyway? This thing could be HUGE!!!

It IS curious though.A portal maybe!?:)..go with the flow! I don't believe, but I'm willing to explore, that way, the truth will find its place..Could it be, not near the sun! but closer to SOHO?? I know its said, to be near the sun, but it could be said, the earth is near the sun.
So, how near to the sun is near? if at all!?..............

Anonymous said...

SERIOUSLY??..OK!!..but this does go on & on & on for years, "with no teeth to the story!!"

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