Saturday, June 29, 2013

NASA Photos shows strange UFO or satellite ?

STS100 Footage filmed on the 22nd June from the international space station 2013 reveals a very strange object. The question is what was it - simple a satellite?
Your opinions appreciated.
You can zoom in out in yourself here from NASA's site (Note you need to zoom in a bit)

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Anonymous said...

Circulating the internet,is a video from NASA.claiming there are two Ancient 13000yr.old Satellites, STILL UP THERE!!! of them is called the:.."Black knight" NASAs Images! could THIS video viewing be, the other one? not talked about...Google "BLACK KNIGHT" Satellite.Can you believe this? I mean how do they know its 13000yrs.old unless they have been on board this large Satellite to have carbon dated something.If this is true!? What have we missed out on here? the mind swims with the implication of this Ancient BLACK KNIGHT Satellite.What else has NOT been revealed to us?..Also, where did the name came from? Was this a name that NASA gave it? or was this on the Satellite?

The BLACK KNIGHT....Alleged, still up there after 13000yrs!?

I mean,if this is true,what does this tell you about our Ancient past.................?

Anonymous said...

Looks like 5 ufos side by side

Anders said...


Most likely something on the lens.

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