Friday, March 25, 2011

UFO Near Collision With Passenger Jet Havant, Hants UK. 23/03/11 ?

I have long written about the threat that Ufos pose to modern passenger aircraft.
This poster agrees and believes that this video shows footage of a near Ufo/aircraft encounter - what are your thoughts on this footage?

Posters comments:
Do you still want to fly? just look at this near miss between an unidentified and a passenger jet...then tell me you do...(then you must be crazy)
Believe me when I say that I have studied this phenomenon for 20 odd years, (very odd years), and am of the opinion that a good many aviation disasters, (not all), are caused by these unknowns...either through collision, or from the high magnetic fields from ufos disrupting avionics systems.
But we are all so dumbed down these days, who will take me seriously on YT? well, obviously someone does because I have been interviewed in the past for an American crash investigation unit about this matter...
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Michael said...

It's impossible to gauge the distance of the object in question in relation to the jet. If i understand correctly, by the logic you present ppl should fear flying because you caught what MAYBE an object passing a jet somewhere w/in it's general vicinity? That's completely asinine, & is adding unnecessary fuel to the fire that's misguided fear from disinformation presented by people like you. Vids like this are why the UFO community's a joke in the skeptical world, & shouldn't be taken seriously

Stephen said...

It's hard to know what this shows, really: probably a plane and what could be something or nothing. There's no evidence they're close together at all - what looks like a near miss from the ground could be two objects separated by thousands of feet or even miles.
There hasn't to my knowledge been a single air investigation which showed that a ufo was to blame, despite expert forensic knowledge and sophisticated equipment being brought to bear.
And no, it doesn't put me off flying. Why should it? Aircraft just don't fall out of the sky on a regular basis, for this or any other reason.

Anonymous said...

what a stupid thing to say.."do you still want to fly with a near miss like this?" Why wouldn't I you plonker? How often does that happen?.. and even if it does, I'm sure their navigation skills are considerably better than ours, if we assume it's E.T.

Sorry.. but just don't say stupid, annoying things... please


Anonymous said...

Unless its a woman driving the ufo I'm not too bothered.

Anonymous said...

In my opinion, passengers have not to much to worry about, our lives
are in the Pilots hands every day,
have been for years,why would we
change?..after all its the Pilots life as well!?

BUT! if I were the Pilot,I should be concerned, and I'm sure some are
They know, there are TWO risks!
those being, if the object doesn't
impact,then there can be the risk
of being too close to the objects energy fields,which CAN, nock out all onboard electronics, and then
lead to engine failure.
This has happened!!..with military Jets..but having said this, Passenger Planes pose no threat to the ETs.its just that we shouldn't get too close.

It could be said that they are the ones getting too close when passing
well I can only hope they know what they're doing......

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