Monday, March 21, 2011

Triangle UFO Lights above Lafayette, Colorado March 20, 2011

Ufo Lights above Lafayette, CO March 20, 2011
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Anonymous said...

With all of the species of life on Earth, in many forms in extreme living conditions, life could be existent any where.
A very large planet like Jupiter could hold in it's orbit a moon the size of Earth.
Gravitational rotation causes friction in the core, heating the exterior surface of the Planet or Moon.
Similar to Jupiters Moon Io.(volcanic).
So heat from the core causes gases to escape into an atmosphere created by Gravity forming conditions in which life could form.
Life won't only exist on our little grain oof dust!
Life is formed out of elements which exist every where in the Universe.
We should take a better look at the whole picture.
Not sit in our little box and peer out the window now and then.

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