Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Ufo lights spotted over St.Osyth Essex

3 strange bright lights seen over  St.Osyth  Essex in the UK. If you were in the region (see map below) please advise if you also saw these ufo lights recently. It may be the video is filming out to sea as the location is near the coastline.

Posters comments
Last night 19th March 2011 was the night of the Super Moon and I was at the end of my garden filming the event. It was about 11pm and freezing cold but it was so light outside and really quite beautiful, looking across the fields and listening to the night wildlife. It was a clear night and there was no wind at all. The video shows the moon filmed through trees. I had my back to the fields at this point, then when I turned to look out over the fields right in front of me was three huge red lights moving across the sky in total silence. I was filming in infa-red at the time and this was when the lights were at their brightest. I switched to normal mode and the lights began to vanish one by one in a clear, cloudless sky.

To be honest this video does'nt do justice to the intensity of the lights when I first saw them, they were huge and red in colour flying in formation coming out from the West. At the time I wanted to watch them, film them, look at them through binoculars, take pictures of them, all at once. At least I captured them on film and you get an idea of what I saw, this upload is darker than it appears on my TV. At the end of the video I filmed a plane coming over so you can see that what I filmed moments before was no aircraft. I am a paranormal researcher, ghosts, big cat sightings, ufos, etc, so this for me was just fantastic.

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Anonymous said...

Assuming that the author is not a hoaxer then as a paranormal researcher myself I know the feeling when after years of looking into things you personally experience something really strange that just doesn't have a rational explanation. Keep at it. If for some reason this one doesn't pass the test you will get more. Cheers.

Michael said...

Plane this 1 anon trolls. I'd love to hear the disinformation community that plague this site like cancer who eat away at the credibility of 9/10 posted videos try and rationalize this w/some sort of explanation that's not completely asinine.

Danny said...

I was at a holiday park in st osyth point clear, it was around 12.35 on the 1st of june when me and my brother in law was chilling were the sea goes narrow and turns into a smalish lake, and we heard a sonic rocket type noise at first we could not see anything then above us there was a ring shaped object looked like a ciger it was moving very slow, then shot of and split into diffrent colours white blue and orange, they all split and were all moving in ways ive never seen a plane or chopper do ever up down left right, we thought it was really strange but left it as that, only today i googled ufo and st osyth and found a few seeings of ufo. Going to take another trip there in july but ill bring my cam, cause no one belives us, but that was a 100% no man made machine.

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