Saturday, March 26, 2011

UFO filmed above airport in Mongolia ?

Im not sure what the ongoing connection is between Ufos and airports but something is up. Chicago O'hare in 2007, the closing of the Chinese airport in 2010 due to a Ufo and recently this week at Oslo airport and now this interesting video of what looks like a Ufo over an airport in Mongolia.
I would like to know your thoughts or theories why this may be happening - seriously, are we looking at some sort of attempt at first contact?
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Anonymous said...

Using Google Earth,and looking down
on any airport in the world, is
quite a sight to see,the different
layout of airports & number of aircraft to be seen, can be very
amazing, some very large!

Considering that ETs. see aircraft
coming & going, then "X marks the spot" of interest.
It could be that the ETs.see it as a great, lol .. Museum site!!

I wouldn't at all be surprised if they consider that, if this is the place where aircraft land, then it might all so be right, for them to do the same, given the right circumstances.

The BIG question is!..will they get permission to land!? lol not funny!!:)

Michael said...

That's a bubble in the glass window he is filming through. If not that, it's a reflection off of it.

Anonymous said...

Would not be surprised if they did land at an airport and then get chased off for not paying their landing fees and taxes.

Anonymous said...

Embarrasing video, zooms in but never long enough on the object, camera pans left and right, it's not that hard to keep it somewhat steady.

AKFubar said...

Hey I like to watch planes takeoff and land too. I'm not ET tho.

Anonymous said...

good gracious! It's the (half) moon!!!

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