Saturday, March 26, 2011

Green coloured UFO shuts down Oslo Norway Airport 24th March 2011

A news on the event UFO that apparently shut down the airport in Oslo (main city of Norway )for many hours. If you live in Oslo we would love to hear from you as a reply to this post if you know more about this ufo incident:


Anonymous said...

We live in Stubban, Trondheim, Norway and this evening at approx 11:45pm we saw a bright green light in the sky, not particularly high that travelled over our house and then turned white and seemed to drop down rapdily out of sight behind the trees towards a nearby road. We half expected to hear some kind of crash but there was no such sound.
(19th October 2011)

Anonymous said...

Last night we spotted a bright green light hovering in the sky, high up, and it was there for around 10 minutes. The light was moving from side to side and then disappeared. The weather was cloudy and the sky not clear at all, it was very strange. We live in central Oslo.

Anonymous said...

My boyfriend just saw a bright green..orb?? He was soo upset with himself.(I can hear him now cussing in the kitchen, lol) as he thought he was recording on his but he wasn't. He said it came out of the cloud and then changed direction. I said not to worry, you'll see more. Had to post when I just read about the Oslo event. I never knew that before..why? I live in London..surely close enough to get information on the news? Apparently not. Keep sky watching good people. Ps..its just after 11.30..daytime here.