Monday, July 11, 2011

USSR watched for UFOs every day

Russia Today has further discussion with Andrey Finkelstein on his ET 20 years discovery statement:

Russia Today spoke with Andrey Finkelstein, Director of the Institute of Applied Astronomy about the scientific reasoning behind his controversial statement that in 20 years humanity will discover aliens and they are likely to look much like humans.
RT: Mr. Finkelstein, thank you for being with us tonight. You have promised that in twenty years' time you will have discovered life on other planets. Are we actually talking about aliens, or merely some bacteria?
Andrey Finkelstein: We are talking life forms, of course. What particular form such life could be is a separate question. Where there is life, intelligence and civilization are a possibility. But discovering life is of primary importance.
RT: In what form?
AF: What I'm going to tell you is a paradox. The form will definitely be well-known to us. In my opinion, and I believe experts generally agree on this, life and intelligence, should they exist elsewhere at all, should be highly human-like.
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Anonymous said...

maapallon ei voi kun odottaa mitä tulevan tulee tapatumaan

Dennis Daryl Shamblin said...

Please read about our family's encounters with Bigfoot in western Oklahoma.

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