Sunday, July 10, 2011

1989 Voronezh ufo incident Russia

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Anonymous said...

GIANTS!!...This is one word that haunts me!..Why?

Because in our ancient past,there is archaeological and anthropological evidence that something very big had happened on this planet in the past..something so big,it wiped traces of just about everything from the face of the Earth, except these enormous "block stones" weighing over a thousand tons.EACH!..YES! EACH!
These "block stones" cannot be dismissed,the question is,what cut them & what could move them??
It is said that,NO madern crane could move them,so how, in those times, were these massive stone blocks CUT & moved??

This video story from Russia, of 9 foot GIANTs seen, makes you think, yeah!?..How do you talk to a 9 foot pluss GIANT?...Very politely!!
I can see the dust stirring already!:)

These block stones,can be seen:.. "Near Baalbek in Lebanon."

Hieronymus Braintree said...

This would have been the greatest UFO sighting ever if there had been photographic evidence and if there were other sightings with occupants that were giants. Unfortunately, all we have is the word of a lot of people, which is impressive but unfortunately not conclusive. That's if you think, as I do, that extraordinary claims require extraordinary proof. Otherwise, please feel free to insult me.

If these things are real, eventually we're going to get the perfect, rock-solid sighting.

Unfortunately, we're still waiting.

Anonymous said...

Ha these stones would need to be moved by something more in the range of 20+ feet tall! These 9 foot "giants" are probably time traveling sasquatches.

On a more serious note though, I don't believe I have heard of any modern sighting involving these large visitors. Less creepy more intimidating. Granted I would bet they were in suites in this encounter. In which who's to say that its not small creatures in big exo-skeletons.

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