Monday, October 04, 2010

Strange triangular craft spotted over china Tolo Harbour

China - kite with LEDs or something else - you decide:

Posters comments:
Chinese to English translation
At about 11:20 or so, housing estates in front of my house, accidentally saw the sky a luminous object, find its location is about over Tolo Harbour. At first thought it was a plane, because the evening will often see the plane flying over my neighborhood. But the reason it attracted me, is it especially bright, but also red, green and blue lights flashing, there is a little strange is that it stays fixed in the sky, not usually see the aircraft and the like in flight.
Shadow of the two videos and several photos, the camera suddenly no electricity, home for a camera out of another, just a few minutes, have lost sight of the luminous object was.
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Anonymous said...

Inconclusive. There's no point of reference at all - could just as easily be on land/water as in the sky.

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