Friday, November 23, 2012

UFOs Vs Insects: No Bugs Here Says Insect Expert

Follow-up report from the Denver TV station on the recent UFOs filmed there. While many are convinced they're just bugs, at least one entomologist, after watching the video, says she doesn't believe they're insects.
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Anonymous said...

KDVR could use a seriousness tweak, because the employees there feed automatically into the slot of air-headed mediaites--the same slot that has kept Ufology as an outlier science because of a few twits and wackos. The entomologist obviously had smart, well-informed intentions, but her piece was edited down to a micron. It's likely she had way more to speculate on and contribute, but KDVR was too busy keeping the focus directly on its own egos to bother with a scientist's rationale. Too bad.

If not insects, then what? I'd really like to know--


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