Saturday, July 19, 2008

Larry King UFOs Over U.S. Military Sites

Yet again Guys Larry King aired another special on the 18th of July titled: UFOs Over U.S. Military Sites - Here's the promo:

Have UFOs disabled U.S. defense systems? Wait until you hear what three former Air Force officers have to say. You won't believe the answer!" The testimonies that could turn you into a believer. The evidence is in...

As soon as i find the video for the latest interview i will post asap.

So why is Larry talking about ufos so much? Well basically the topic of ufos mean good ratings for his network - but the reason behind the high ratings more importantly, is the increased public interest in ufos.
So what do you guys think of the huge exposure that Larry is giving the Ufo Topic?

Also if you haven't seen it before here's a recap of the previous Larry King interview on the Stephenville radar reports (which i have posted in more depth here last week)
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