Thursday, July 17, 2008

Uprise against Fake CGI UFO videos !

It just terrible that numerous bored (or unemployed) graphic animation nerds have decided to devote all their spare time to deceive the public with fake ufo videos . With CGi technology now at the point where videos can be made to look too real, I believe the fakers now have a moral responsibility to disclose what they are doing because its simply too hard for the public to judge for themselves. Fake ufo videos pose a serious threat to ufology as they distract from the genuine phenomenon and confuse the masses.
I call for all posters of such faked material to be made responsible for this deception and wasting of peoples time.
So if you see an obviously fake ufo video on sites like youtube be proactive - leave comments to advise the poster to either remove their videos or do the right thing & label them as fakes
Just Look at how easy it was to create the recent UK Cgi Video:
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Anonymous said...

it'is visibile that was cgi ,very visible

Gavin Veasey said...

Wow that is scary how they did that. UFOs have had the pretty much the same look threw out history. We have to be careful before we go and say a video is real. Much more careful.

Anonymous said...

i guess this means the Pentagon will soon be releasing their video of the airplane that hit it on 911....

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