Monday, July 14, 2008

Why you should boycott watching the 2008 Beijing Olympic games !

Hi guys an unrelated ufo post but an urgent call to action that bloggers worldwide are requesting of their readers:
After watching an utterly shocking documentary about the horrific treatment of the Chinese on Tibetians i now truely understand why people all over the world are so concerned about Freeing tibet from China.
The current treatment of Tibetians from the Chinese and is reminiscent of Nazi style concentration camps: From forced mass sterilisations of women to starvation and torture the Chinese government is forcing mass genocide on Tibetians to wipe their race out completely.

The Chinese government has been working tirelessly to maintain a complete media blackout in Tibet so the western world doesn't hear much of this but bit by bit more documentaries are coming out of the region exposing grave human rights abuses.
The reason for China's efforts is that Tibet is rich in minerals and oil and China will stop at no means to get these resources.
Even worse is that average Chinese people see no problem in what their country is doing (thanks to state propaganda)- and now obviously we don't either - because we let them host the upcoming Olympic games.
Its truly a disgrace and hypocritic that a country that is holding the Olympic games - which are symbol of freedom and unity in the western world - don't even value simple human rights let alone the values upheld by the Olympic spirit.
So I call upon everyone to boycott watching the Beijing 2008 Olympic games because it is compromising the values which the Olympics were built on - primarily: "peace, friendship and brotherhood".Read more here
If you are a blogger please pass on the request that your readers boycott watching the games on tv - together we can make a difference!
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Anonymous said...

Thank you Matt, for posting

Virtually Lucid said...

Actually, this is more related than you might imagine, as the Tibetan Buddhist perspective and belief system, having roots in the Bon shamanistic religion of the Tibetan Great Plateau, includes such things as orbs in the sky, otherworldly beings, levitation, moving through walls..etc. All the things inherent to the UFO phenomenon, including explanations as to how such things are possible, and why. It's not a UFO culture, and they wouldn't use those terms, but when you study the religion of the region, you can see the parallels quite plainly.

Anonymous said...

bTw we didnt let them. that would be the IOC

Anonymous said...

what do you expect from chinese people anayway?
A country where copyright does not mean a thing, where stealing and cheating in business has a tradition. a country, where dog butcher is a profession, where many dogs are aeaten daily. Close the borders and let the suckers get hteir own oil and milk and what they need or want. we pay higher prices because of these chinese bastards.

LEAX said...

you should maybe even post some docus about this too

Anonymous said...

excuse me guys it's real but there is a political/economic war from the growing power of China ad the USA or i'm wrong?
These are political propaganda to hit the economy of china, but remember that

there is an ongoing battle and the peoples like us have to fight for peace and our rights :)

Anonymous said...

war is a war and ware don't result in peace and union

Anonymous said...

Take a good look at the Chinese System...

Because that is the model of the world the global elite want to put in place. Make no mistake.

Anonymous said...

Quote-"Take a good look at the Chinese System...

Because that is the model of the world the global elite want to put in place. Make no mistake."

Do you mean Communism?
The world's "elites" just spent 50 years and trillions of dollars getting rid of communism in Russia.
What the hell are you talking about?
Do you guys ever stop to think?

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