Thursday, August 08, 2013

UFO video filmed over Fort Riley Kansas 2nd August

Kansas has been very active with UFO sightings recently. This new video was filmed over Fort Riley Kansas 2nd August between 2245-230
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Filmers comments:
 recorded it and we played it in slow motion, and pausing every millisecond and it changes color and shape....totally crazy...anyone know how we can have it analyzed? Normal speed it just looks like a white light dancing kinda crazy...but it is definitely not. It takes a few seconds for me to pick it up on the camera, but it starts off small and gets was close to Orion's Belt, and moved away from it by the time I started recording; so I wasn't able to see any stars in my screen or the ones that were there weren't bright enough to pick up.
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Rosalin said... Is the only one I know of for reporting sightings! They also did an investagtion on the Kansas City ones. :) I use to think Kansas wasn't a hot spot. If there is any other places to report please share... I'm new :)

Namvet70 said...

You lost lost credibility when you used an apostrophe in a plural word.

Anonymous said...

Ha!ha!ha!..:) No more than you, Namvet70!!..using the word: [lost] TWICE!! or two times if you will.

Its called: Nit-Picking!!:)..Comments ARE, what is IMPORTANT....Credibility?..Oh! come on......

You see,even YOU, can make mistakes:)..but we do take your a point:)lol......................

Anonymous said...

You can go to for other reported sightings in Kansas.

Anonymous said...

Laser pointer back and forth

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