Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Southampton Triangle ufo - a kite ?

This strange triangle thing was reported on the 1st of June over Southampton. Is most likely a kite or something like that isn't it?

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Anonymous said...

Naa, Thats a legit ET ship.

I know, I drove that one.

Anonymous said...

There was this gray ass bug eyed motherfucker who wanted to sell me this fake ass looking flying saucer. I kicked his ass, I rapped duck dape around his tiny penis and pulled it off real slow. LOLOLOLOLOLOLOL

He was mad, but fuckem.

Anonymous said...

Hey, you homos got any hot porn?

Anonymous said...

What the hell is your problem?

This is a site were real issues are brought up.
If you want to be serious then believe in the facts.
Planet X is coming to destroy us and
planes are spraying us with chemicals because the USA knows about planet X.

Get real NOW!

Anonymous said...

holy shit-- im sorry-- thats the best video I've seen yet-- that is not a kite.. look how it slowly rotates (at a constant speed) I'd be very sad if someone took the time to make such a legit looking video as a prank.

This looks real- I'm impressed/skeptical as hell.

Lich said...

They should stop car to make better movie, but they hurry for shopping

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